Our summertime favorites from Eir NYC

Our summertime favorites from Eir NYC

A selection of Eir NYC

summer skincare essentials

You can probably tell how excited we are for the arrival of summer this year. So today, to keep up with that mood, we’ve decided to bring you a selection of skincare products that will change your summer self care experience.

Meet Eir NYC - a brand founded by Korean Jun Lee, who incorporates the principles of herbal healing into her skincare products. Eir is a natural skincare line created for any&every type of people who have an active lifestyle

Picture by  Doug Delancey

Picture by Doug Delancey

So if you’re one for paradisiac beaches hunt and summertime activities, then check out our top pics for their summer essential skincare products.

Eir’s products are made of high quality, wild-crafted herbs and essential oils with therapeutic properties. These products are designed to potentialise internal healing while providing all the external benefits you know your skin craves for: hydration, cleansing, and reparation.

Surf Mud -  Eir NYC

Surf Mud - Eir NYC

For those who are always on the road and need something practical, Eir has come up with products such as the Shampoo and Body Bar and the Cooling Lip Balm. Also, they have travel kits like the Surf + Turf featuring essential travel products such as their Surf Mud zinc for face, Sunset Oil moisturizer, and Cooling Lip Balm.

They also have the high-performance and super water-resistant versions of their Surf Mud for those who need something to match their intense outdoors activities and long surf sessions. Eir has developed Surf Mud Body Oil to give you a little push with the tanning and Sunset Oil to restore parched skin. Everything you need to keep your skin on fleak for the summer.

Eir NYC creates amazing clean products that have minimal impact on the environment, with biodegradable, cruelty-free and paraben-free ingredients and packaging made of recycled materials.

You can check all of their products and shop online at their website: eirnyc.com


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