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His House, Her House

His House, Her House

His House and Her House

by Wutopia Lab

When seeing images of His House and Her House online, one can wonder whether they are renders or photographs. This conceptual installation by Shanghai-based architecture studio Wutopia Lab looks dreamy and unreal. In fact, the aim is to play with society’s imaginary of feminine and masculine spectrums, depicting the contrasting roles of men and women and highlighting their “typical” ways of eating and cooking.

 Credit :  Wutopia Lab

Credit : Wutopia Lab

As the stereotype teaches, Her House is light pink and shows sensitivity and delicacy through not only color but also circular motives, textures and light, as spaces are more open and decorated with curtains and pink salt.

On the contrary, His House is painted in a strong blue, has pointy motives and transmits certain roughness and instrospectiveness thorough the much smaller, much darker rooms filled with beer bottles and bacon. 

The project was developed for 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism and uses the renovation of building NO.4 and NO.5 in Dameisha Village, a slum with Chinese characteristics, to create a local point of attraction and thus reconnect the village and the city.

 Credit :  CREATAR

Credit : CREATAR


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