The stylish practicalness of Keecie

The stylish practicalness of Keecie

A Dutch brand that stands out

mixing vintage and contemporary styles

Keecie is a Dutch leather brand founded in 2007 near Amsterdam by Klaartje de Hartog.

Throught dedication of all its passionate employees, Keecie has grown into the internationally renowed Dutch Design brand that is today, available at exclusive sales points in the Netherlands, abroad  and of course online!
— Keecie Team
Keecie’s team:  designer & founder Klaartje de Hartog; adm & customer service Julie Scheurer; and customer service, marketing & sales Annette van Ijken

Keecie’s team: designer & founder Klaartje de Hartog; adm & customer service Julie Scheurer; and customer service, marketing & sales Annette van Ijken

What we love about this brand is that it stands out from the crowd with its vintage touch. Every bag and wallet is well thought to make it practical and stylish at the same time. Every pieces has a beautiful inside print and the brand uses a large color range to fit any taste (obviously their pastel tones got our attention first)!

Suitable for every day use, carrying everything you need. The leather quality is so good that they will last for years!

Credit:  Keecie

Credit: Keecie

Open your bag or wallet and discover a poetic silkscreen print inside, isn’t it a great idea? All prints are screen-printed with sustainable water-based paint in Poland, where they also manufacture their collections.

Credit: Design Hunger

Credit: Design Hunger

All “used look” leather has been treated with paraffin which ages it, and all colored leathers are made specially for the brand.

And because their work is art, they also made some special editions for two museums in Amsterdam! What are you waiting for to get your Keecie?

If you are in Amsterdam in June, Keecie is having a Pop Up store called Pop Up Garden from the 17th until the 23rd at Huidenstraat 13. The opening hours are: Monday from 13.00 – 18.00. Tuesday to Friday 10.00 -19.00. Saturday & Sunday 10.00 – 18.00. Make sure you don’t miss it!

We already got our favorite Keecie pieces: Hide & Seek, Flash Forward, Cat Chase Small and Move Mountains.

And now, a little suprise for our readers: meet Klaartje de Hartog, Keecie’s founder who agreed to answer a few questions for us!

Hello Klaartje,

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Klaartje: I am Klaartje, I am the designer and founder of Keecie. Keecie started 12,5 years ago in my living room in Amsterdam, were I live. I love to be outside and get inspired by nature.

How did you start Keecie? What was the idea behind it?

Klaartje: I started the company with a friend, she soon realized having a company was not something for her. My name is Klaartje her name is Caroline, so the combination of the 2 names made Keecie.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Klaartje: I love to be outside and look at the trees, leaves, birds, and flowers. And what I also love about the Netherlands is that you can always look very good into peoples homes. When I cycle in the dark it is so nice to look into all the living rooms.

What is the most stressful or beautiful memory of launching Keecie?

Klaartje: The splitting up with my friend Caroline went kind of ok, still it felt like a mini divorce. Luckily we are good now. It took some time.

What is your favorite piece of the collection?

Klaartje: The Elephant Joke this bag, because it is so simple and the size for me is very good.

Any new project coming soon?

Klaartje: We are about to organize out first Pop Up shop, this is so much fun! We are now planning what we will do with the window display, we bought loads of dried flowers to make a field of flowers.

What is your morning routine?

Klaartje: I am slow in the morning, I like to read the newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee.

What is your favorite city in the world? Why?

Klaartje: This is Paris for me I have been there many times because we always go to the Maison et Objet, it always make me happy to be there


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