Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials

Design Hunger selection

of newborn babies essentials

If you’re a soon-to-be mom or dad, then this article was made specially for you! We’ve gathered in this selection all the must have baby goods for a newborn!

Our first choice of newborn essential is this cute Baby Book by Tellkiddo, a brand we are completely in love with. This baby book is a definite must, after all, you probably want something to keep track of every tiny detail of your baby’s life accomplishments, right? We’ve chosen this specific item for our selection, but you should definitely check Tellkiddo’s website for a whole bunch of amazing baby products.

The Norwegian brand Mollie Mustard is a personal favorite - especially when we found out what motivated its creation. The founder Hanne told us she started to develop the idea during her second maternity leave with her daughter Mollie :) She wanted baby products with different colors and prints than the ones she found on the market (almost all pink or blue). She then started to produce gender neutral muslin products on her favorite colors with nature-inspired prints, and it was a hit!

Their swaddles made of organic cotton and certified by GOTS are a must-have if you’re expecting a baby! And so is their baby teether made with silicon and beech wood. Believe us - we’ve tested them. Quality and beautiful products from a brand with an adorable concept.

You’ll definitely need some diapers that suit your baby’s precious delicate skin, so here’s our tip for you: Lillydoo’s skin friendly, natural, minimal risk of allergy and vegan diapers. They are free of perfumes and lotions and are certified by OEKO-TEX®.

These adorable bibs by Les Caracol’s make the perfect trick to keep your baby’s clothes clean while feeding. They are made of certified materials that will prevent your baby’s skin of any irritation.

Bibs  - Les Caracol’s / Credit: Design Hunger

Bibs - Les Caracol’s / Credit: Design Hunger

And of course you will need a quality changing bag to carry everything your baby needs. In that case, we definitely recommend any changing bag by Moumout.

Another must-have is a changing mat that keeps your little one comfortable during diaper changes, so we found these ones made with 100% cotton by Rose in April.

Changing mats  - Rose in April

Changing mats - Rose in April

A baby carrier is also an extremely important item for a newborn essentials list. The ones made with 100% of organic cotton by Studio Romeo have won our hearts.

Baby carrier  - Studio Romeo

Baby carrier - Studio Romeo

To keep your baby comfy at night during sleep, you should make sure to get a nice PJ or a kimono sleeping bag like these ones from Bonjour Little.

Kimono sleeping bag  - Bonjour Little

Kimono sleeping bag - Bonjour Little

Sleeping time is important but let’s not forget about bath time! To make this experience better for the little ones, you should have a nice towel to wrap up your toddler… so how about this one from Fabelab?

Baby towel  - Fabelab

Baby towel - Fabelab

Perhaps you’re considering a sleeping bag to not restrain yourself and your infant to boring PJs only… In that case, check out the Cocoon sleeping bags by Nobodinoz.

If you’re still looking for baby bottles, we indicate the ones from Lifefactory. Made of thermal-shock resistant glass, they are also dishwasher safe and compatible with most major breast pumps.

Last but definitely not least… this one might not be an actual * essential *, but it’s for sure on our wish list! We’re talking about the new terrazzo printed rocking chair from a partnership between Charlie Crane and Milinane. How lovely is this design?

Baby rocker LEVO  - Charlie Crane + Milinane

Baby rocker LEVO - Charlie Crane + Milinane


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