Tea Detox #afterchristmas

Tea Detox #afterchristmas

5 Tea brands to

Detox after Christmas

After these last days of Xmas festivities and abundance, we can easily feel tired, lazy and even sick. Going too far on the dinner-and-drinks celebration is not something hard to do. Who knew too much turkey was a thing, right? ;)

But every excess will be forgiven this year! You probably just need a little #selfcare to get back to a good and energetic mood. To help you achieve it, we’ve made a selection of 5 brands of tea with detoxing and boosting properties for you to choose from. We wish you a merry detox!

Image Credits:  UKIYO .

Image Credits: UKIYO.

1. Bon Temps

The all-female tea company designing beverages that fit the highs, lows and in-betweens of everyday pursuits. Bon Temps makes only organic tea, with no bleaches, no pesticides or artificial flavors.

We have selected their natural ginger herbal tea. It has lemongrass, goji berries and ginger. Very immune boosting and detoxing. Perfect for after all our Christmas dinners!

Buy it on their webshop and be amazed (as we were) by their beautiful packaging!


In the mood for some Japanese matcha? UKYIO is a London-based brand selling Premium-quality green tea grown in the hills of Shizuoka Prefecture, in Japan.

Apart from the traditional Cerimonial Grade matcha, they have also developed five unique flavors with the addition of fruits and spices, so there’s always one to get you to your desired mood!


Golde’s product range offers anti-inflammatory properties. Each blend has different highlights.

The Original Golde blend is a daily go-to for skin glow, immunity and muscle recovery. The Matcha is a great antioxidant and gives a smooth boost of caffeine. The Cacao Golde supports production of anandamide in the brain, aka The Bliss Molecule. Perfect to handle everyday stress.

4. The Seventh Duchess

Another organic detox tea! The Seventh Duchess sells purifying, detoxifying and reinvigorating tea that resets the mind and the body. It helps with liver and kidney functions, reduces cravings and curbing appetites and supports healthy metabolism and digestion. The proof of how powerful nature can be!

5. Cocoon Tea Artisans

Cocoon is also an organic tea brand. We have chosen a distinct tea with floral and nutty flavors, perfect as post-meal digestive! Made for a healthy Christmas.

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