WACOM for a creative world

WACOM for a creative world

Limited Edition Pistachio
Explore new ways to get creative with Wacom Intuos

“We inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place.”

I am sure many of you, are graphic tablets users; so am I (and I can’t use a mouse anymore).

My very first one was the WACOM Intuos pen & touch CTH-480 (it was in 2014). I directly bought this brand because many of my designer friends told me it was the only good one, precise and that will last a long time. It is true, I still have my old one, and if it was not for a design aspect I would still be using it as it works perfectly after all those years travelling and working everyday. But….. they have created a new one with our favorite colors! How could I resist?

In Europe, you can find the Pistachio one <3 and for Asia it is the Berry Pink color. Hurry up! It is a LIMITED EDITION!

Intuos_Medium_Back_View_Pistachio (1).jpg

I have chosen the WACOM Intuos Pen & Bluetooth, the small version (as I don’t like to have too much stuff on my desk :D).

The difference between this one and my old one is :
- No more wires and it feels great!
- Faster & more precise
- The built-in pen tray
- Super slim & compact (perfect for travelers)
- Looks beautiful in my office


Geek time, let’s be more technical.

“The first thing you’ll notice when using Wacom Intuos is how comfortable it feels. The pressure-sensitive, battery-free pen provides a natural drawing experience and its ergonomic design & weight-balance calibration deliver precision and control.”

Do I agree? TOTALLY! Tested and approved. Design Hunger satisfied client.

This graphic tablet also comes with up to 3 software to download like Corel, Clip Studio Pro, Essentials 6, Painter, Aftershot 3 for free. So “whether you love to draw manga art, paint digital watercolors or add a dash of magic to your photos, these applications will help you unlock more from your creative passion.”

I almost forgot, the pen has 2 buttons helpful shortcuts.


Why do I love Wacom?

First, it last forever. You know you buy one and you will not have to change it after a year. And they have the best designs & push us to be more creative.

“We dream of a world alive with creativity. We love what creativity brings to the world. It makes us human, adding a richness to our lives, bringing ideas, imagination &amp; beauty. We are proud of the role we have played in applying digital technologies to creativity. We are part of a generation that is creating powerful new tools of connectivity and expression that influence every aspect of the human experience.”

A big thank you to Giles Mitchell, one of the brilliant Wacom Intuos designer, for introducing us this special edition.

Learn more / Get yours here!


Check this interesting video
Wacom CEO Nobu Ide and the engineering/ design team answer the question "How do we create the most natural feeling in a digital pen?"



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