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Crate Lounge

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To enjoy wines, cocktails and T2 teas

We have recently been in Bali and had the chance to make an interview with Maree Suteja, with pictures from our friend and collaborator Lukas Vrtilek.
Here’s what we talked about.

Hello Maree,

We can say that today you have built two of the best known places in Bali: CRATE CAFE and PRETTY POISON, and today you are launching this new place called CRATE LOUNGE with a very different style from your two other places. We just LOVE IT!

Let’s first talk about you.

Maree Suteja

Maree Suteja

You are originally from Australia, how long ago did you come to Bali? Why?

My first visit to Bali was May 1978.

Because of the movie “Morning of the Earth”. It was screened at our local cinema and the footage on Bali was magic. I suppose, like all surfers, the combination – in search of the perfect wave and lifestyle - ignited the travel bug in me. I packed my bag and headed to Bali.

What is your morning routine?

Fully immersed in Crate creating. Constantly in search of new ideas!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

People. I observe and listen to people and research hashtags on Instagram. That’s my Google haha

What is your favourite city in the world? Why?

Sydney- its beaches and lifestyle.

Crate Cafe - picture by  Bali Interiors

Crate Cafe - picture by Bali Interiors

Crate Cafe is a big success, how did it come to life?

CRATE Cafe was founded purely on the decision of providing a good cup of coffee in Canggu at 6 in the morning. I remember the first day we opened the shutters at the original Crate. A tiny little space that grew into a huge international community of people who love good food and good vibes.

Canggu was very affordable for retail space in 2014 and had similar vibes to Byron Bay back in the day. When Crate first opened in Canggu, there was Deus, Canteen and another little cafe called Betelnut. I loved going out to Canggu. Seminyak was too busy for me.

Pictures: Design Hunger x Lukas Vrtilek for Crate Lounge

Pictures: Design Hunger x Lukas Vrtilek for Crate Lounge

The design and aesthetic of CRATE is very simple. I love to talk about the KISS principle. It’s less about the physical walls and furniture, and more about the vibe. Crate is a huge family.

From our staff to our Canggu regulars, to our international family of CRATE customers who come back to the island every summer. Our Crate creative nights led to the build of Crate Gallery within the cafe, a non commercial space for artists, and just recently, Crate Lounge, a chilled vibe space with sofas and the introduction to our Crate Wine, Cocktails and T2 Tea.

What is Crate Lounge?

Crate Lounge is the new addition to the cafe. A chilled vibe overlooking rice fields, serving Crate wine, cocktails and fresh food.

The interior is a mix between industrial and Scandinavian design style. A pastel touch to contrast the strength of the concrete, 50s wooden furniture... A chilled but chic atmosphere for young creatives.

This new place also comes with the launching of CRATE WINE, so I felt what about a fancy-cool place to enjoy a glass with friends?

What is your best design/work memory?

I love to see an idea become reality. You can’t just be talented, you need to become necessary to people. Be something no one else can be consistently.

If you had some advice to give to people that want to follow their dreams and do what they love, what would it be?

Define your concept and stick to it. Don’t worry about what others are doing.

Any new exciting project coming soon?

Yes! Stay tuned… Think about Studio 54

And finally (because we could not not talk about it) where did you get the idea to build a skate bowl/bar?

Crate opened April 2014, and once a month I would hold a Crate Creative Night – those nights were for anyone in the community to exhibit their artwork, photography, film or acoustic set. Friends suggested I opened a warehouse bar to promote the creative nights on a regular basis and it was always on the back of my mind, inspired by the movie “Lords of Dogtown”, the 70’s surf culture and reliving my youth. I started building in April 2015 and it opened 29 August 2015. Pretty Poison was born.

Pretty Poison - Picture by  Food on Fork

Pretty Poison - Picture by Food on Fork

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