Mother's Day best choices

Mother's Day best choices

Our selection of the most unique

Mother’s Day presents

Mother’s Day is almost here and we obviously could not let this date pass us by without making one of our careful selections with the best options to present those wonderful mothers out there! So if you’re still on the hunt for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, worry no more. We’ve got you covered.

So let’s get to it already, shall we?

Beginning with a suggestion for those who have a fashionista mom: take a look at La Bouche Rouge’s lipsticks. You can choose the color of your (mother) preference and even customize the packing with her initials! Looks amazing right? And it gets better: La Bouche Rouge’s lipsticks are all sustainable! Their formulas are free from animal fat, parabens, microplastics, and paraffin. Besides that, the case is made of leather, refillable and developed in the classic French artisanal tradition.

Credit:  La Bouche Rouge

Or maybe your super stylish mom is more of an accessories freak than makeup addict? If that’s the case, then how about surprising her with one of these super classy and elegant bags from Mansur Gavriel?

Credit:  Mansur Gavriel

Perhaps you need something a bit more discrete… if so, these handmade ceramic earrings by Polish Trzask Ceramics might just do the trick! Since each piece is made by hand, there are no two identical copies, which make these a unique present.

Credit:  Trzask Ceramics

If she is a design addict like us, she would probably prefer something to style her home. The comfy and versatile Mula chair by E-ggs is a great choice since it can be used to compose a home-office, living room or even dining room.

Credit:  E-ggs

Credit: E-ggs

If furniture is not exactly what you’re looking for to present your mom but you still feel like she would appreciate something for her house, then these crystal glasses and decanter from Puik could be a good pick.

Credit:  Puik

Credit: Puik

Or maybe your mom would be interested on some new cushions to decorate her living room? These ones from Fést would make an amazing gift. Their modern designs paired with a delicate color palette give them an elegant look that could transform any interior.

Credit:  Fést Amsterdam

For a more personal present, how about one of AYTM’s timeless designs? You can take your pick amongst their new trays, bowls and jewelry boxes. Choose your favorite one or more to create a beautiful composition that will please any design junkie mom.

Credit:  AYTM

Credit: AYTM

If none of the previous options were quite what you’re looking for, then perhaps the Fiora Vase from Kähler and designed by Stine Goya will make your mind. This vase’s artsy design makes it work as either a fruit vase or by itself as a decorative piece.

Credit:  Kahler Design

Maybe your mom is not the one for design and interior decor gifts… if that’s so, how about a nice set of handmade soaps? These ones from Ondo Pracownia are handmade with all-natural ingredients that turn bath time into an aromatic and pleasant experience.

Credit:  Ondo Pracownia

If you liked the soaps but still feel like complementing the present, then we suggest one of Artifact’s body oils. Mèr-Mèr Monoï body oil is made of an exotic blend that highly nourishes and repairs the skin. A well-deserved indulgence for your mom.

Last but not least, in case your mom is an art admirer that likes to support independent artists, then just go for one of Kit Agar’s pieces. Her feminine artworks make a lovely and delicate present for Mother’s Day.

Credit:  Kit Agar

Credit: Kit Agar

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