Mid-Season Sales Selection

Mid-Season Sales Selection

A selection of 10 pastel items

for her, for home, and for kids!

Our favorite time of the year has started! Summer comes not only with sunny days and ice cream opportunities, it also brings the mid-season sales, which is always a great time for design lovers. After all, who doesn’t love a great deal, right?

To guide through the amazing sales wave, we’ve decided to make a selection of much-loved design items in their lowest prices ever! Check this out:

To start this list, we’ve chosen this smart and vintage-looking pink trousers by ARKET. This could really be your wardrobe’s next hero piece!

If a nice jacket is what you need to comfortably go around during fresh summer nights, check this cropped suede jacket designed by Acne Studios.

Summer is also the perfect time to swim in the ocean and chill by the pool, so why not get a cute OYSHO ribbed bikini for a very small price? We love their sales!

If an accessory is what you’re looking for, what about this super chic watch by Cluse? Quality and style on a small budget!

Photography:  Cluse .

Photography: Cluse.

Perhaps what you’re looking for is a great leather bag to walk around under the sun. If that’s the case, have a look at the Kiana backpack, designed by Samara Bags. It might be just what you need!

Photography:  Samara Bags .

Photography: Samara Bags.

Maybe you just need something small to give the perfect finishing touch to your look. If that’s so, go get your Quilt Mauve nail polish by &OtherStories.

Photography:  &OtherStories .

Photography: &OtherStories.

And in case you’re a beauty addict like we are… stop wasting your time and just present yourself with this amazing Me-time kit by Palermo. After all a little bit of self care never killed nobody!

Got inspired by our Summer Interior Design selection and decided to refresh the look of your house? So enjoy the homeware sales too! What about this pink ceramic bowl by sass & belle and sold by ASOS?

Or maybe your new decor is asking for more sophisticated element. If that’s so, have a look at this blue glass vase by Zara Home, perfect to place fresh summer flowers!

And if you want to enjoy this mid-season sale to gift your little ones, make sure to visit Ferm Kids’ website and get them lovely items for a cheaper price, like the Stripy Snake.

Photography:  Ferm Kids .

Photography: Ferm Kids.


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